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Ukraine and Lithuania: Country Profile

Ukraine and Lithuania: Country Profile

1 November 2015 saw the Lithuanian and Ukrainian communities in Scotland join together to share their love of their own cultural events and to help educate each other about national food, dance and song. There was a talk from Ukrainian Consul General Mr Mykhailo Osnach, who thanked everyone for coming and took the opportunity to draw attention to the hardship that many are suffering currently in Ukraine due to Russian aggression. 

Following this, senior members of the Ukrainian community, made a presentation and lunched an appeal to help fundraise to support the troops fighting in eastern Ukraine. However, they are aware that not everyone was comfortable with raising funds for uniform and ammunition, so an alternative choice was offered, where people could donate money to help buy toys and clothes for orphans of the war.  From the Lithuanian perspective, Viktorija Macdonald, Chair of Lithuanians in Scotland Association (LISA) gave a talk on the Lithuanian Government’s support to Ukraine on national, European Council and international United Nations level, and emphasized Lithuania’s intention to do all what is in its powers to help secure peace in the region.  Another member of LISA Daiva Ivanauskaite, responsible for the Culture Sub-Committee, shared her passion for storytelling, whilst LISA’s Secretary General Loreta Puisiene finished the evening by getting everyone in the room – Lithuanian, Ukrainians and Scots - to join in on some traditional Lithuanian folk dances. Special thanks on behalf of LISA to Justinas Slepavicius, Chairman the Glasgow University’s Lithuanian Society, for the opportunity to join forces in this event, and to Brigita Sezikaite, who prepared a presentation on Lithuanian Song and Dance Festival.

As a follow up the event, Loreta Puisiene suggested establish collaboration between LISA and the Ukrainian Society in Glasgow (USG) to fundraise and support orphaned children in Ukraine. During the next LISA Board meeting the fundraising during Christmas event on 27 December 2015 will be considered. In her turn, Viktorija Macdonald established contact with Oksana Movrodii, chair of USG, to develop a range of events to help the noble cause.  


by Viktorija Macdonald


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