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Lietuva Skaito

Lietuvių asociacija Škotijoje surengė “Lietuva skaito” akciją Glazgo moteru bibliotekoje 


LISA Board Member Awarded Lithuanian Council for Culture Funds

LISA Board Member Awarded Lithuanian Council for Culture Funds 2016.07.16

Referring to the Decree of the Lithuanian Council for Culture, dated 12 July 2016, “Regarding National Educational Scholarships 2016”, Ref. no. 1LKT-74(1.2), Curator of LISA library-archive Elona Daina Bytautiene was awarded a scholarship for a qualification improvement in the field of restoration and conservation at Lithuanian Restoration Centre named after P.Gudynas. This qualification will allow restoring books and vinyls issued in the times of Lithuanian exodus in early and mid 20th century, which are classed as Lithuanian cultural heritage, and which laid the basis for creating a Lithuanian Library in Scotland. It is foreseen to exhibit the restored items at the Lithuanian Book Fair in 2017, showcasing the efforts of Lithuanian diaspora in exile to maintain the Lithuanian word and culture live.

Without this support from the Lithuanian Council for Culture, it would have been impossible to undertake the restoration of the aforementioned items.   


Prepared by

Elona Daina Bytautiene

Lithuania Reads

Lithuania Reads 2016.05.08

Lithuanians in Scotland Association (LISA) organised a reading event "Lithuania Reads" ( Lietuva skaito) with the guest speaker Ruta Mikulenaite-Jonuskiene, the 2015 laureate of A. Miskinis literary award for the poetry collection "The Kite of Ferns" (Papartynu aitvaras). The readings included a short story "Legends of Longing" (Legendos apie ilgesi ) from the book by Neles Mazalaites Kruminiene read by Daina Butautiene, treasurer of LISA, and an extract from Stasys Yla book "3 Colourful Letters" (3 margi laiskeliai) read by Vida Ramanauskaite, member of LISA.


Videos of the readings from Scotland are below:

All filmed materials were submitted to World Lithuanian News.

By Viktorija Macdonald



Celebrating Mother’s Day

Celebrating Mother’s Day 2016.05.03

LISA (LITHUANIANS IN SCOTLAND ASSOCIATION) organised the celebration of Lithuanian Mother’s Day in Glasgow Women's Library in the format of a poetry afternoon with the Lithuanian poetess and A. Miškinis’ Literary Award laureate 2015 Rūta Mikulenaite-Jonuskiene. The title of the event was proposed by the poetess herself: "Spiky are our lives, yet blooming…”

Gratitude for Lithuanian books

Gratitude for Lithuanian books 2016.03.29

On behalf of the Lithuanians in Scotland Association (LISA), we would like to thank the daughter of Catherine Blue and Marshall Ross & Munro, the attorney office, who got in touch with LISA executing the will of the late Catherine Blue and handed over for safe keeping 70 antique Lithuanian books. These books, published in 20th century, belonged to Catherine Blue, who died on 30 December 2014, who based on the original records carried a Lithuanian name of Kastule Neverauskas.


Daina Bytautienė

Treasurer of LISA


12th anniversary of NATO membership

12th anniversary of NATO membership 2016.03.29

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia celebrate 12th anniversary of NATO membership


March 29, 2016, will mark the 12th anniversary since Lithuania joined NATO in 2004. 

Fellow Baltic States, Latvia and Estonia, joined NATO on the same date of the same year. 

Events at various army units across the country will be held to mark the occasion. 

“NATO membership is the foundation of Lithuania's security policy,” the Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence said in a statement. “As a NATO member, we are part of the collective security system defining allies' solidarity, collective defence guarantees and commitments to each other.” 

Happy Independence day

Happy Independence day 2016.02.16

February 16 - Restoration of the State of Lihuania.


Excerpt from the Act of Independence of 16 February 1918:

 “The Council of Lithuania in its session of February 16, 1918 decided unanimously to address the governments of Russia, Germany, and other states with the following declaration:

The Council of Lithuania, as the sole representative of the Lithuanian nation, based on the recognized right to national self-determination, and on the Vilnius Conference’s resolution of September 18–23, 1917, proclaims the restoration of the independent state of Lithuania, founded on democratic principles, with Vilnius as its capital, and declares the termination of all state ties which formerly bound this State to other nations.

The Council of Lithuania also declares that the foundation of the Lithuanian State and its relations with other countries will be finally determined by the Constituent Assembly, to be convoked as soon as possible, elected democratically by all its inhabitants.”


Collaboration agreement

Collaboration agreement 2016.01.28

On the 10th of January 2016, Viktorija Macdonald, Chair of LISA, and Joe Harris, Deputy Chair of Bellshill Lithuanian Culture and Recreational Club signed a collaboration agreement in the field of culture, sport and social events. The agreement foresees affiliate member provision with the following benefits:

  1. An opportunity to bring together and share 1st generation and 2nd and 3rd culture input, news and events into both communities.
  2. Volunteering opportunities to build and strengthen members’ CV, including related references.
  3. Keeping in touch with the latest news in cultural, sport and social life in the context of both communities.
  4. Networking opportunities to help share information and connect at every level in the community.

Finally, members of LISA Viktorija Macdonald with her husband Kenneth Macdonald, Daina Bytautiene and Marius Kliukas are current full-fledged members of Bellshill Club.

Vilnius' thriving – and refreshingly cheap – craft beer scene

Vilnius' thriving – and refreshingly cheap – craft beer scene 2016.01.09

Referring to the article in 'theguardian' Vilnius is Europe’s cheapest city and its artisan beers are a bargain. Beer blogger Liz Dodd explores the cellar bars beneath medieval streets, and taps into Lithuania’s ancient brewing tradition.

Christmas party 2015

Christmas party 2015 2015.12.31

On 27 December 2015, the Christmas party of the members of Lithuanians in Scotland Association (LISA) and their friends took place in The Lithuanian Scottish Social Club in Bellshill. Before the event, a mass in Lithuanian was held in St. Gabriel’s Church in Uddingston town, where the Word of God was read by LISA member Daina Bytautienė. Afterwards, Loreta Puišienė, member of LISA, started the party with a specially designed ice-breaker dance, which was followed by the official congratulatory speech of Chair of LISA Viktorija Macdonald.

Ukraine and Lithuania: Country Profile

Ukraine and Lithuania: Country Profile 2015.11.17

1 November 2015 saw the Lithuanian and Ukrainian communities in Scotland join together to share their love of their own cultural events and to help educate each other about national food, dance and song. There was a talk from Ukrainian Consul General Mr Mykhailo Osnach, who thanked everyone for coming and took the opportunity to draw attention to the hardship that many are suffering currently in Ukraine due to Russian aggression. 

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