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About us



Živilė Venskuvienė is a mother, a wife, a student, a creative person and a future bookkeeper.  The range of her activities is broad and diverse, but always underpinned sincerity and consistency.  Živilė grew up on a sunny Lithuanian seaside, where she had a great upbringing and a close family. She clearly remembers the date of arriving to Glasgow, i.e. 15 July 2010, which is the day after a famous historical Lithuanian battle of Zalgiris, where Lithuania won against crusaders and remained an independent state.



Živilė heard great references about life in Glasgow city and at first chance moved over to the place with excess of rain. Yet now,, she livens up and longingly reminiscence the sand dunes and the sea breeze of Klaipeda city in Lithuania as this is what she says she misses the most. The bottomless sea and crystal blue sky is what she carries in her heart about her home country.  


In the past, Živilė used to be a tailor and she used to like this as it allowed her to express her creativity, as designing and making clothes for people was both her work and a hobby. When asked about the process of creation, she goes over the details of the scope of work that goes into making a wearable garment from the stage of conception to the end product. “The focus should be on what the customer wants and his/her vision in the final piece of clothing,” says she.  Nowadays, Živilė has not only a full time being a mum job looking after two kids, but she also is full time student at the  Glasgow Clyde College, where she studies HND in Accounting. Before this course, she studied the modules of Administration and IT, Business Management and attended ESOL classes to make sure she is able to integrate into local community life and get familiar with the lifestyle and values of local people.


Once Živilė started looking for Lithuanian speakers for socializing, she met Diana, who invited her to come along to the meetings of the Association. In the beginning of 2015, Živilė joined the activities of the Board of LISA, where now she is responsible for social media and manages posts on the LISA website and Facebook. She is happy and interested in this part of the activity as this allows close interaction with the community, than soulless accounts.  Živilė has good intentions to promote collaboration among the Lithuanian community that is why she actively contributes to organization and advertisement design for community events, making required props and other administration work as she gets satisfaction from seeing other people happy.


As a person, Živilė has a very warm manner of communication about her, enviable attention to details and care for others. These are just a few things that are worth mentioning. Chair of LISA Viktorija Macdonald when asked what Živilė brought to the table, she said, “ Živilė brought more structure and order into the Association’s work and focus on decision timely making, which resulted in a more effective activity overall”.


It should be pointed out that the Lithuanian community in Scotland is a live and changing organism, where every cog – community people – carry out their functions to create a fantastic sense of belonging. Živilė’s role is to create stability and contribute to overcoming obstacles, which allows focusing on the key goal of the community, which is to have warm and constructive relations.


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