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The Inaugural General Meeting

The Inaugural General Meeting

On the 23rd of August 2014 the Inaugural General Meeting of Lithuanians in Scotland Association (LISA)  took place at Windsor Hall, cordially presented by Queens Cross housing Association.

The meeting consisted of 2 parts. During the first part the steering group of the Lithuanian community together with the chair of the meeting Joanna Kieran proposed the members to the committee and the board. 

The voting was unilateral and Robertas Adomaitis  was elected the chair of the board. Ramute Lagunaviciute was elected the vice chair of the board, secretary – Loreta Puisiene, vice-secretary Juate Piepolyte, the treasurer Daina Bytautiene and vice-treasurer Ainaras Refbergs.

The board then voted for the Constitution of the Lithuanians in Scotland Association(LISA) and signed it. So, it took a bit more than half a year to materialize the idea of establishing the organization for Lithuanians living in Scotland!

The aims of the Association are to bring together Lithuanians living in Scotland, to reduce isolation, to provide information and support, to retain and enhance the Lithuanian language, culture, customs and traditions, to integrate into the social life of Scotland through getting acquainted with the culture, customs and traditions of the country, to cultivate relationship with other Lithuanian organizations in the UK, Europe and the rest of the world, as well as to share the best practices of the activities.

The second part of the General Inaugural Meeting of LISA was opened with the national anthem of Lithuania. Then the elected board was introduced to the participants of the meeting – 42 adults and 13 children in total!

The chair of the Board Robertas Adomaitis pronounced his welcome speech to the participants of the meeting.

The guest of the IGM, the director of WSREC Mohammad Razaq pronounced his welcome speech, drawing attention to the necessity to live in friendly and good relationship environment for all the different nations residing in UK.

The LISA IGM was also attended by other guests – Joseph Paterson, the representative of the old Lithuanian Scottish Cultural Club in Bellshill, Magdalena Ross – Police Scotland officer, Kasia Smetanka – representative of a friendly Polish community group RENPA, J.Vinogradovs - representative of Latvians in Scotland.


Participants and guests had good time together, having possibility to chat, to acquaint with each other, to take photos and to try delicious snacks provided by WSREC, wonderful cakes decorated with national Lithuanian and Scottish flags, made especially for this occasion by the member of the Lithuanian community Sandra and to try Lithuanian traditional bread baked by Daina, the treasurer of LISA.


By the end of the cheerful part the picture was taken of all the participants of the meeting.

Written by R.Lagunaviciute


foto by Marius Kliukas

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