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The rye field melting into the horizon, framed only by dazzling green grass and crystal blue sky. A buzzing bee hive in the meadow and one white cow with three black palm size spots on the left side of her body. Light summer breeze and hardly audible distant rustle of the woods. This is how I could describe the smell of home-made, rye bread, seasoned with different seeds and lasting love for bread-making that Daina bakes. The smell comes back like a feeling and like a good old friend.


As Daina herself says, bread-making was a group project at first, which required many hours of trial and error and granny’s recipe secrets. Daina started baking bread as soon as she moved with her family to Glasgow: “You need to take life opportunities as they come. Good people and work come with time.”


Daina is one of the founders of the Lithuanians in Scotland Association (LISA) and currently is the treasurer of the organisation. She got involved with LISA because she aims at starting a Lithuanian library in Glasgow, where the process has commenced by collecting books from old expat Lithuanian community. This challenge has not been realized yet, but it is seriously underway. Besides passion for books, Daina is a photographer by education and worked on restoration of old photos and books in Restoration Centre named after Gudynas in Lithuania. Daina is responsible for mentoring LISA’s photography archive. She also is a co-founder of Baltic Film Society Ltd., the organization aimed at spreading the cinematic culture word from the Baltics in Scotland, where she also is a treasurer. This undertaking Daina mentions with a broad smile on her face and has optimistic plans to showcase Baltic films to Scottish communities. 


The education and experience that Daina demurely mentions could make many envious. She holds a photography degree in restoration of old photography from Graphics Department run by Grazina Dremaite at Vilnius Gudinas Restoration Centre. Having worked with such globally renowned photo artists like Rimantas Dichavicius, she has world class knowledge in the field. Later on, Daina finished her management degree at Open University and worked in the management of Statoil business, which subsequently led her to a number of other management posts, which she took as a natural sequence in her career development. 


Currently, Daina is a mum with two children, who runs a small business baking bread for Lithuanian community and distributing Nuskin beauty products, which allow her balancing work and life routine.  While working for Nuskin, which is No. 1 Company in anti-ageing products in the world, she enjoys sharing love for looking after herself, exercising her experience in multi-marketing and meeting new people from all over the world to share best experiences.


Another wee plan that Daina shares is an establishment of a Women’s Club to allow the community women to meet up and act together in developing joint projects. Besides, all of the above, Daina’s leisure time is full of cultural and sporting activities, like attending art exhibitions in Glasgow and swimming.


It is difficult to put such a multifaceted personality into black and white lines of the text. Daina’s sincerity and modesty is lurking out there like a smell of the bread that she makes, which meets you like an old companion as soon as you get over the threshold of your home and casts you into hundreds of warm memories. „I don’t like talking about myself a lot; I’d rather go and do things“, says she, mentioning with thanks the friendly Lithuanians in Glasgow community.


Interview by Agne Gaidyte


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