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Lietuva Skaito

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About us

The Inaugural General Meeting

The Inaugural General Meeting 2015.06.20

On the 23rd of August 2014 the Inaugural General Meeting of Lithuanians in Scotland Association (LISA)  took place at Windsor Hall, cordially presented by Queens Cross housing Association.

The meeting consisted of 2 parts. During the first part the steering group of the Lithuanian community together with the chair of the meeting Joanna Kieran proposed the members to the committee and the board. 

Let's get acquainted

Let's get acquainted

We are beggining a series of articles "Let's Get Acquainted". These are conversations with people who work on voluntary basis for the Lithuanians in Scotland Association with the aim of preserving the Lithuanian language and traditions in the host country. This work entails bridging the gap between Lithuania and Scotland via various project work, cultural activities, which attract both Scottish and lithuanians alike. Enjoy the reading.

Viktorija - Chair of LISA

Viktorija - Chair of LISA 2016.08.07

The interior of a traditional Spanish restaurant in Merchant City, Glasgow was like juxtaposition to my internal calm composure, whilst waiting on my interlocutor Viktorija. The mix of bright and provoking décor colours merged into a background of tranquil reds, helping me to go over scenarios and sequence of questions prior the conversation, but the more I thought, the more I felt that this person will dictate the rhythm and style of the interview rather than vice versa.

Viktorija greeted me with her broad smile and a sincere hug, which was sort of an invite into her personal space to get to know her. 


Daina 2016.03.30

The rye field melting into the horizon, framed only by dazzling green grass and crystal blue sky. A buzzing bee hive in the meadow and one white cow with three black palm size spots on the left side of her body. Light summer breeze and hardly audible distant rustle of the woods. This is how I could describe the smell of home-made, rye bread, seasoned with different seeds and lasting love for bread-making that Daina bakes. The smell comes back like a feeling and like a good old friend.



Živilė 2016.05.12

Živilė Venskuvienė is a mother, a wife, a student, a creative person and a future bookkeeper.  The range of her activities is broad and diverse, but always underpinned sincerity and consistency.  Živilė grew up on a sunny Lithuanian seaside, where she had a great upbringing and a close family. She clearly remembers the date of arriving to Glasgow, i.e. 15 July 2010, which is the day after a famous historical Lithuanian battle of Zalgiris, where Lithuania won against crusaders and remained an independent state.



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